A Proven Facebook Ads Funnel To Reach $10k In Monthly Sales

Learn The Facebook Ads Formula we Created To Teach Thousands of Entrepreneurs How To Run Profitable Ads, Generating $500/Month-$70K/Month In Sales.

Valued At $297
Immediate Access: $47

What would you do differently in your business with additional 10K per month

What Would Happen?
If you were making $10k+ per month in your business, would that change things for you?

It might mean freedom (from worry and anxiety) knowing that the business was easily generating revenue on autopilot.

Or, it might mean being able to actually take a break from constantly posting on social media or doing time consuming launches…just to make ends meet.

You’ve probably heard that Facebook Ads work, but…

Do you feel like you spend money on Facebook Ads but don’t see dependable sales?
Are you confused when it comes to building an ads funnel?
Do you wish there was an easy way to analyze how your ads are performing?
Do you want a constant flow of new customers without having to spin your wheels trying to get “organic” traffic to actually convert?
Does it feel like your business is constantly in a state of feast or famine?

If you are saying “HECK YES” while reading these questions, then it’s time for you to join my sanity-saving Facebook Ads Bootcamp. Let’s get your ads working, so you can enjoy a profitable business again!

Here's What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying

Kit -

I invested €3000 in ads last month and €34 000 came back in…so I’m very happy! Whatever I put into my ads, I get back up to 10x or more!

Nazario - Seaside Fashionlabel

After the first month, we immediately saw a super-high increase in sales! Now we are scaling our business and it is BIZAR! We’ve never done these kinds of numbers before!

Jessica - Antwerp Avenue

I am superfan! I queued for a very long time to be able to become a customer. I would 10 out of 10 recommend it.


Facebook Ads Bootcamp

After Going Through Facebook Ads Bootcamp You Will Have The Skills To Confidently Create “Winning Ads” that Generate Sales on Autopilot Without Eating Up Your Hard Earned Profits. 

Learn The Sure-Fire Ads Formula Advertisers Are Using To Run Profitable Facebook Ads. Without Wasting Time And Money Trying To Crack The Code All By Yourself!


You're going to love these


Each phase of creating your ads is presented in video format. That means you can watch as I walk you through the process step by step. Making it easy to follow along and build your Facebook & Instagram Ads with me, right by your side.


Need help with knowing what kind of ads to run? I’ve taken all of the guesswork out for you. Follow along as I breakdown the process of how and when to test audiences, when to retarget and how to make money in your sleep.


Navigating the Ads Manager can feel so overwhelming. With my 1,2,3 approach you will INSTANTLY organize your campaigns and know exactly what step you are at in the ads process at all times. Allowing you to finally take the guesswork out, and take back control!

MODULE 1 Build the Foundation

When I said, skip the mumbo jumbo…I meant it.

This module is Fast (only 5 minutes) and at the end of it you will have:

Created 3 Campaigns (seriously, this is for real)
Understand the difference between Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads
Set up your Custom Columns so you can easily make decisions about your campaigns moving forward

MODULE 2 Testing Traffic Sources

If you DO NOT want to go into debt running Facebook & Instagram Ads, this module is a LIFESAVER

Inside You Will Learn:

How to test audiences for only $5
How to find the perfect audience for you product, service or offer
How to consistently find new audiences to show your ads too so you never run out of leads or buyers

MODULE 3 How to Keep Your Ads In Front of Someone (Until They Buy)

Learn How to Keep Your Ads In Front of Someone (Until They Buy)
STOP leaving money on the table. Build an ads safety net.

Inside You Will Learn:

How to set up custom audiences that actually want to see ads from you
How to retarget warm audiences and win over the hearts of lukewarm window shoppers. Turning them into customers for life
How to consistently keep fresh products or offers in front of past customers for only $1 a day. Hint, this is the EASIEST way to make sales and hardly anyone knows about it.

MODULE 4 How to Keep Your Ads In Front of Someone (Until They Buy)

Inside You Will Learn:

How to set up custom audiences that actually want to see ads from you
How to retarget warm audiences and win over the hearts of lukewarm window shoppers. Turning them into customers for life
How to consistently keep fresh products or offers in front of past customers for only $1 a day. Hint, this is the EASIEST way to make sales and hardly anyone knows about it.

Plus These bonuses

BONUS 1: How to write Headlines & Copy FAST

The days of staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what to say. are over. This list of handy tools will have you writing copy that converts in minutes…not days.

BONUS 2: Maximise Traffic on Social Media

Maximize Traffic on Social Media
Your ads will be seen all over Facebook And Instagram. That means people will find your account on a daily basis. Learn how to make the most of your new fans by easily engaging them and turning them into loyal followers. Hint: It’s VERY simple, and instantly makes a huge difference.

Joachim Badejoh

And just who will be teaching you Facebook Ads Bootcamp?

Me! Joachim Badejoh


From starting with a $5 marketing budget to spending over $290k on ads…

Which generated over $610k in sales.

All on a $39 digital product.

I’ve seen first hand how online marketing (done right) can completely transform a business.

When people started asking if I hired someone to handle the backend of the Facebook™️ Ads Manager, I excitedly admitted that I did it myself.

And that’s when I started helping my friends with their ad accounts…

and influencers with theirs

and small business owners with their accounts.

I took them by the hand and helped them get their ads set up quickly and easily.

And now, I can teach you too!

This mini course is a result of thousands of hours spent understanding the Facebook™️ Ads Manager…

But, thankfully, it will only take you one hour to implement. And the best thing is, I am taking all of the guesswork out for you. Just show up and I’ll walk you through the process! It doesn’t get any easier than that.


You may be like Lynette, who wanted to finally get her ads set up and running. Or, Erica whose goal was to sell her presets and did over $500 in sales the week after she started her ads! I promise you, Facebook Ads don’t have to be complicated. They just need to be set up correctly.

It really is much easier than you think!

Tell me if this sounds like you. You know you have an amazing product or service, and the ONLY thing holding you back is getting those ads set up.


When it comes to Facebook™️ & Instagram™️ ads, the biggest hurdles are 1. Getting started and 2. Knowing where to click.  Facebook Ads Bootcamp takes the pressure off.  Just show up and we will walk through getting everything set up and ready to make money…step-by-step.


“Jana completely demystified the Facebook Ads Manager in under an hour.”
Jana is an incredible FB ads teacher. Not only did she completely demystify the Facebook Ads Manager in under an hour, she completely took the guesswork out of a process that has always felt like such a huge hassle.

– Jill Knudde –


Yes!  You will need to make sure your Facebook Pixel is created and installed on your website.  If you have never set up your ad account, you will want to go through my DIY course, Tech Check first.

Great question! Yes, this course is designed to take a complicated topic and break it down into bite size pieces. Making it easy to understand so you can implement what you are learning right away.

However, if you are BRAND NEW to Facebook & Instagram Ads, you will want to start with my Tech Check course first.  This course will help you get your ads manager account set up and show you how to connect all the pieces so your account is set up to run profitable ads.

Right away.  As soon as your payment clears, you will be able to log in and access all of the modules immediately

Absolutely!  You will learn how to create profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads in this bootcamp!

Oh man, I have too!  It’s the worst feeling to buy something and then feel overwhelmed with a big time commitment.

The total video time for this course is just under an hour.  Total!  Leaving you plenty of time  to implement what you have learned and get started right away!

My goal with Facebook Ads Bootcamp is to keep it as affordable as possible, which means hand-on-support isn’t included.

If you are looking for some additional help with ads, I have an amazing membership you can join.  It will provide you with incredible support and hand-on-training.

Facebook Ads Bootcamp gets you from A to Z in record time.
This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into easy-breezy.

Not only will you get immediate access to Ads Bootcamp so you can instantly start setting up your ads, you’ll also get peace of mind. This is SO much more than a course on ads. It’s freedom. Get that marketing monkey off your back and start feeling good about your business again!

THIS WAS MADE FOR YOU... Facebook Ads Bootcamp

By using Jana's "Ads Funnel Formula" you will learn how to find your winning ads for as little as $5 per day.

Allowing you to quickly identify winning ads and audiences that will help you launch and scale your "sales" campaigns in less than 72 hours.

This step-by-step training is designed to make Facebook Ads profitable and easy, without spending hours watching lengthy tutorials that take forever to get to the point.

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I bet it’s the same for you too.

I know there are hundreds of courses out there that anyone can buy to figure out Facebook Ads. But those mega courses weren’t made with YOU in mind. With so much going on in our lives and businesses, who has the time to spend weeks slogging through another course? If you’re like me, you just want to set aside an hour to walk through the process and get your ads up and running right away. That’s what this is all about. Getting your ads out there so you can start making money immediately!

Together we can do this. I look forward to helping you!